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Was chatting to an old friend today about some life stuff.

It's scaring me and messing me up a bit.. Don't really want to go into any kind of details however and I am really not asking for any support.

They sorta pointed out that when I come apart I tend, to use Sallys expression, to nuke my own life so no one I care about gets caught in the mess.

Not an excuse just fair warning I may not be the best person to be around right now.

IOD stuffs

The following is one of my notes where i wiffle about ideas on gaming. Specifically one of the ones addressing alternate options on how to address the xp disparity in the IOD gaming environment by looking at the culture and expectation rather than the mechanics. It has a bit of into then the original note.

A random idea about IOD culture in relation to xp levels and dealing with themCollapse )

Nationals and thanks lists

it has been suggested to me i actually list the stuff involved in nationals so that next time i remember after rather than during and and thank the right people, even if i will forget some of them anyway.

Main venue st team - vignettes, setting, props and 'hosting' - last time covered by James 'absolute hero' Holloway one day with some Johanna juggling on the other and this time Clare 'Creative Control freak' Ravenwood .( Notably 'absolute Hero' has his hand in this too)

Assists this time go To Ryan 'Righteous' Gatehouseand Luke 'Sooo Pretty' McCarthy and Matt 'Too Tall Byrne'.

National plot arc team- multi event vignettes, plot arcs,away missions and mass battles proxies - last time Mr Matt 'kill em all' Keymer and this time the very same and his long standing partner in Crime Matt 'Twirly Moustache' Hope

Approvals updates/addendum rewrites courtesy of 'Too Tall' and Richard 'Emotional Smug' Hussey.

Custom rules approvals thanks to the unholy triumvirate of Jason 'Thor' Walter, Ryan 'Righteous' Gatehouse and Mark,'Too Smooth' Quennell.

Arc plotkits by Matt 'Pseudopod' Sanderson, 'Kill Em'all'and others.

And last fielding the couple of dozen a day prep scene requests, rules queries, complaints ,approvals, venue issue and last minute my character absolutely must do x's before the nation- 'Emotional Smug'.

And that's just the st side... all without going to the people who have been pulled in on any of the above groups like Tim ' The skillz' Edwards, James 'running the other three games too'Moody and all the people who are npc'ing , contributing props, making shit, bringing music etc..

oh and the list starts again for the mage side.

and for the c- chain who put up with all the bitching.

but those i'll do another day.

And for anyone who reads this.. i guess a preemptive thanks to all the people who put in hard work and do shit for the society that is usually stressful and thankless and tend to do it quietly and selflessly.

Because we know that the weekend will be busy as hell work for most of us and many will never get a moments thought of credit at the end.

I try and remember even if i don't say thanks enough when i'm tired of taking the flak or just busy with the next.

So thanks.


Somthing i saw again today and kept for memory.

A Perfectly Ordinary RainbowCollapse )

MC Proposal

The following is an Mc proposal for Iod i have been playing with.

As such if you can be bothered have a read and comment/ mail me with thoughts.


(Note - this does not in any way deal with xp bloat - it is a proposal created as a possibility when not doing a reset. It also presupposes that th society wants a fair spread of Ic power/xp)

MC ProposalCollapse )

Roleplay stuff.

Note I am actively upset about this and so would appreciate it if people would be kind enough to make this any kind of 'political' or drama llama thing - just do me a favour and sort it the fuck out.


Please stop making my girlfreind cry about game stuff.

My tolerance is coming to an end with it and I am becoming very tired of constantly picking up the pieces.

Roleplay is supposed to be fun for the players. When someone asks to take a week away it is possible that people may want to consider they are stepping on triggering territory.

It is not fun, it is not catharsis and it is definitely not valid to push things just so your character can maintain a level of badass.

This is about Rosie - The punishments being discussed were triggering to Sally( edited by request of a viewer). i appreciate this is so that Ic players can come up with somthing they deem necessary to make a point. 

Sally may not phrase this well bt just saying we wil use a different method to permanantly mark a person as unworthy or diminished does not get around the issue - it just means you ahve to constantly be reminded of your worthlessness in a more polite way.

This is me now publicly asking people to be a littel sensitive because I have heard the phrase - ' I have to play through this otherwise I'm a bad roleplayer - I don't want to negotiate out of character - it feels whingy and pathetic ' and that might be partly Sally crazy but right now i expect people to stop feeding in to it.

A few hours bleed i can deal with - even i do it sometimes - in tears for the best part of a week and triggering self harm issues is not on.

If this continues please do not expect me to be anywhere near polite or civl about this from here on in.

To quote Sally - just kill the characetr if the crime is really worth a life long sanction or enforced oath of servioice - stop this now.

I understand people may not appreciate the actuality of the situation so i am not holding people accountable. - now you do.

Iod Commentary and navel gazing.

For the record this is my own slant on a situation and i am not complaining about anyones actions

- as far as i am aware the method set out below is perfectly valid for what was done and the dc deserves thanks for running a process not complaint for the manner of it -

However i am finding myself again becoming disenfranchised with a specific aspect of the Iod experience - the necessity of email.

I signed up to play a Larp game.

Now i accept that this does mean that if i choose not to involve myself on lists i impair my ability to develope character interactions and may miss out on some plots. That is my choice and i do not complain about it.

I also accept that when i am st'ing it is reasonable forme to be involved in scenes and email st type stuff - its part of what i signed up for...(and actually on the quiet actually don't mind running or writing up proxy effects - it appeals to the closet wargamer in me.

However in this one instance i feel that my choice not to be a list bunny is effecting my capacity to participate in the society. Something that occaisonally makes me wonder what i'm doing commiting the amount of time to it.

I am on general and announce - also crone and cambridge - and various lost lists due to st reasons.

I am however not on the london or southwark lists - as i just restarted playing in those games over the last couple of months and honestly can do without being subbed to every list under the sun.

Now Craig mentioned he was stepping down a couple of months ago - and i was interested in possibly taking over as vst - because i felt like running in a venue with a higher bastard quotient than the lost ive been doing for the last two years.

I expressed my interest to the dc and also Craig- the issue coming that i found out recently that the election for the post was being run after being announced solely on the london and southwark lists and with email voting.

Now this means i was put forward for the post based upon my expressed interest without being aware that this had occurred - had no idea of the format of a vote i was involved in- nor of the people that would be voting and also find that the vote was thus by definition curtailed to those who are on said lists.

Now in this case i believe that the vote will be fair and also probably representative of those that can be bothered to vote by email- southwark is a small game so there may be a decent list presence.

But i find myself wondering at my involvement in a society where i blatantly no longer fit the expeftations of a player or an st.

It might just be that i'm getting too old for this:)
for all you magic fans out there

You know you're a geek when...

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Lost NPc call

Hey guys

As some of you know - and even possibly some of you care i am running my last Lost game this Sunday.

I happen to be looking for a number of Npc types to fill out my numbers and make with the plotty and interactive things.

Minimal experience required and you get to poke the venue if you haven't before .

The premise of the game is a Players Ball so i am looking for the Pimps and Players amongst you to be willing to strap it on and come strut for me...

Oh yeah --- Please!
well - still Lib Dem here.

One Green seat.

The only definite positives,

a likely hung parliament.

All in all very little good news in the world. However as they often say, i suppose it could have been worse.